FRM-92101: There was a failure in the Forms Server during startup – R12.1.1

After successful completion of fresh installation of R12.1.1 on OEL(Oracle Eneterprise Linux 5.5), there was an error while accessing form server. All other services and application are working fine. When we are trying to access form Server its giving error as below: When we click on details: This error message is because of the missing rpm openmotif21-2.1.30-11.EL5.i386.rpm on Linux OS. You can […]

Migrate 11.2.0 database from UFS to ASM

Hi, This post will illustrate steps for migrating datafiles from UFS (or any other file system) to ASM Disk groups. Step1: Perform Full Rman Database backup: Step2: Shut down and startup database in mount; SQL> startup mount ORACLE instance started. Total System Global Area 1720844288 bytes Fixed Size 2159024 bytes Variable Size 1241517648 bytes Database Buffers 469762048 bytes Redo Buffers […]

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After applying HRMS family pack K (11i.HR_PF.K and 11i.HR_PF.K.DELTA.5) HRMS functional consultant updated that he is not able to access Approvals Management Responsibility. There are certain changes with this family pack. To overcome this issue please follow below steps as described. Error message while accessing responsibility: Content-type: text/html; charset=WINDOWS-1256 Location: 1) AME responsibility cannot be accessed. Problem: This issue […]