” ex itcode=”512″ while running autoconfig

This article may be helpful for those who encountered issue while performing manual clone in Oracle Applications 11i/R12 If encountered error” exitcode=”512″ while running autoconfig as a post clone steps. Error stack: AutoConfig completed with errors. The log file for this session is located at: /u01/applR12/inst/apps/TEST_oraclone2/admin/log/01251259/adconfig.log Autoconfig logfile: The following report lists errors encountered during CVM Phase /u01/applR12/apps/apps_st/appl/ad/12.0.0/bin/ 512 […]

ntp service in Maintenance mode Solaris 10

Hi, On one of our newly configured solaris 10 server, successfully configured a ntp client. But when trying to start ntp service its getting failed and going into maintance mode. Due to this there a 5 minutes of time difference between this server and other servers. bash-3.00$ svcs ntp maintenance 16:12:09 svc:/network/ntp:default When we check in detail: bash-3.00$ svcs -x […]