Purge Inactive Sessions – Apps R12

This article illustrates how to run “Purge Inactive Sessions” concurrent program in Oracle E-Business suite R12.1 This program will purge all session which are not active. “Purge Inactive Sessions” concurrent program is not included in request group of  system administrator responsibility. So first we need to add this request to system administrator responsibility request group. Navigation: login as sysadmin >  System Administrator > […]

RAC to NON RAC Database clone 11gR2

This posts illustrates steps for cloning a 11gR2 RAC database to a single Instance database.  There are many ways to perform a RAC database to NON-RAC database clone, but the below illustrated seems to be the easiest approach for me compare to all other methods. In this demonstration oelrac1 & oelrac2 are OEL 5.6 Linux hosts running GI and […]

DBCA Not showing ASM Diskgroup in RAC

There was a requirement to create one RAC database ( running on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.6. DBCA was running fine for creating database until selecting the location for datafiles. When i was selecting ASM as an storage then this process is aborting clusterware services and unmounting ASM Diskgroup. Expected is it should select the available disk group by default. But […]