Error: The command name “list_plugins_on_server” is not a recognized command

When trying to check all plugins available on the server getting error: [ora11g@monitorem ~]$ emcli list_plugins_on_server Error: The command name “list_plugins_on_server” is not a recognized command. Run the “help” command for a list of recognized commands. You may also need to run the “sync” command to synchronize with the current OMS. Cause: emcli is not synchronized with OMS Action: [ora11g@monitorem […]

Error creating AME rule R12 oracle.apps.per.ame.rules.server.RulesAM

On oracle E-Business suite R12.1.3 encountered issue while creating a rule in AME. Error Stack: Cause: Wrong URL in function “AME_RULE_CREATE_STEP1” Solution:  Change Web HTML value in function “AME_RULE_CREATE_STEP1” Existing value : OA.jsp?page=/oracle/apps/per/ame/rules/webui/RuleCreateDetailsPG Correct value :  OA.jsp?page=/oracle/apps/ame/rules/webui/RuleCreateDetailsPG   Save the record and retest issue it should work properly. Thanks for reading. regards, X A H E E R